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Moraine Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 6,360'/6,410'
Mileage (one-way):1 mile

Stroll along a relatively flat trail through the forest and along the shore of picturesque Fallen Leaf Lake. Take Highway 89 north approximately 3 miles from South Lake Tahoe to Fallen Leaf Road. Continue approximately 2/3 of a mile to Fallen Leaf Campground. Drive through the campground and park just before campsite #75 on the right. There is no fee for day use. Look for the trailhead sign near the parking area. In the winter, when the campground is closed, you must park just beyond Fallen Leaf Campground off of Fallen Leaf Lake Road and walk to the trailhead.

Angora Lakes Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 7,200'/7,470' Mileage (one-way):½ mile to Angora Lakes
An easy ½ mile hike leads to two lakes framed by cliffs. Swimming and fishing are popular activities. Summers are crowded, so arrive early. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Take Highway 89 north approximately 3 miles from South Lake Tahoe to Fallen Leaf Lake Road and turn left. Turn left at the first paved road. Continue to Forest Service Road 12N14 and turn right. Watch for bicyclists along this road. Continue past Angora Lookout to the road's end at the parking lot.

Tallac Historic Site
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: Flat
Mileage (one-way):3 mile on Lake of the Sky Trail
AStep back into the past and explore the personalities, events and summer homes of turn-of-the-century Tahoe landowners. The trail begins from the Kiva Picnic Area and is accessible to persons with disabilities. The site can also be reached from the Lake of the Sky Trail that begins at the Lake Tahoe Visitor Center.

Echo Lakes Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: 7,420'/8,430'
Mileage (one-way):2½ miles to NW corner of Upper Echo, 4 miles to Tamarack, 5 miles to Lucille and Margery, 5 miles to Lake of the Woods, 6 miles to Aloha
See a variety of alpine lakes on this moderate trail. Take Highway 50 to Echo Summit and turn onto Johnson Pass Road. Stay left and the road will lead you to the parking area by Lower Echo Lake. For a short walk, hike to the far end of Upper Echo Lake. A longer hike leads you to one of the many lakes farther down the trail. A boat taxi operated in the summer by Echo Lakes Resort cuts three miles off your trip. A nominal fee is charged for this service. A wilderness permit is required.

Glen Alpine Trail
Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous
Elevation: 6,560'/9,735'
Mileage (one-way):2 miles to Grass Lake, 4 miles to Susie, 5 miles to Heather, 6 miles to Aloha, 4½ miles to Half Moon, 5½ miles to Alta Morris, 6 miles to Tallac (strenuous)
Many different hikes can be taken from this trailhead. For a short walk, try the 2 mile hike to Grass Lake. Another hike to Lake Aloha leads you past a small waterfall, a beautiful meadow and three alpine lakes. A third option is a moderate hike to Half Moon, Alta Morris or Gilmore lakes. If Mt. Tallac is your goal, the Glen Alpine Trail offers a more moderate approach. Take Highway 89 north approximately 3 miles from South Lake Tahoe to Fallen Leaf Lake Road. Watch for bicyclists and other cars on this narrow, one-lane road. Continue until you see the Glen Alpine trailhead sign and turn left. Trailhead parking is across from Lily Lake. A wilderness permit is required. Click to see Yelp reviews for Glenn Alpine Trailhead and Lower Glenn Alpine Falls.

Clark Trail
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation: 6,420'/7,470'
Mileage (one-way):1.6 miles to Upper Angora
For the more adventurous, this strenuous hike can provide some solitude. Traversing through loose shale up a steep grade, the trail ends at Angora Lakes. Take Highway 89 north from South Lake Tahoe to Fallen Leaf Lake Road. Parking is located at the Glen Alpine Trailhead described in the previous hike. From the parking area, walk back down the road to the junction of Fallen leaf Lake Road. Look for the small church to your right. A little post located behind the church marks the hard-to-find trailhead.

Mt. Tallac Trail
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation: 6,480'/9,735'
Mileage (one-way):1.7 miles to Floating Isle, 2½ miles to Cathedral, 5 miles to Tallac
Providing a spectacular view of Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness, this strenuous hike is well worth the effort. The first part of the trail to Floating Island and Cathedral lakes is moderate and can be enjoyed by the novice hiker. Beyond Cathedral Lake, the trail becomes steep and strenuous as it continues up the front face of Mt. Tallac. The trailhead is located approximately 3½ miles north of South Lake Tahoe on Highway 89. Look for the Mt. Tallac Trailhead sign directly across from the entrance to Baldwin Beach and turn left down the dirt road. Continue to the trailhead parking. Weather conditions can change rapidly in the Sierra mountains; bring a jacket, carry lots of water and allow plenty of time for your trip. A wilderness permit is required.


Cascade Creek Falls
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 6,800'/6,910'
Mileage (one-way):1 mile
Spectacular views of the 200 foot high falls and Cascade Lake can be seen from this short trail. For best viewing try springtime, when runoff from snow melt is high. Take Highway 89 north from South Lake Tahoe approximately 8 miles to the Bayview Campground across from inspiration Point. Parking is Located at the far end of the campground.

Eagle lake
Difficulty: Easy
Mileage (one-way):1 mile
Follow a roaring river flasnked by grnaite crags to a quaint alpine lake in Desolation Wilderness. No wonder this is one of teh most populkar trails in the Lake Tahoe basin. Drive to Emerald Bay on Highway 89 and park at the Eagel Falls trailhead (go early to get parking, especially on holiday weekends!) and head up the canyon.

Vikingsholm Estate
Difficulty: Easy
Mileage (one-way):1/2 mile
Walk a half mile down a moderate grade with views of Tahoe's Emerald Bay to a picturesque turn-of-the-century estate on the beach at Emerald Bay, tucked away in the gigantic pine trees. Tours of the estate are given every helf-hour and cost $5. Drive to Emerald Bay on Highway 89. Just north of the Eagle Falls Trailhead, on the opposite side of the road, is a large parking lot (go early to get parking, especially on holiday weekends!) where the Vikingsholm trail begins. 

Rubicon Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Mileage (one-way):4 1/2 mile
This hike extends between the Vikingsholm Estate and D.L. Bliss State Park to the north, and you can do the hike either direction. The footpath connects rocky points and sandy coves along an untamed shoreline that once intimidated mountain men. Today, the paths have been cleared and the steeper sections shored up. The most popular trailheads are at D.L. Bliss State Park and Emerald Bay State Park. It's 4 1/2 miles between those points; also, you can take the new 2-mile extension past Vikingsholm. Click here to read Yelp reviews by hikers.

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